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26  September 2019
We are Your Source for Fujitsu Heat Pumps!

Fujitsu's Halcyon Mini-Split systems eliminate the need for a basement or attic-located evaporator unit and bulky ductwork by using thin copper tubing that pumps refrigerant directly to discreet wall mounted or concealed units inside. Even more remarkable, this same unit works in reverse in winter, absorbing heat from the outside air and moving it indoors to heat your home. The result? Efficient cooling and heating for year round, whole-house comfort in most climates.

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19  September 2019
Efficiency Vermont Heat Pump Water Heater Giveaway Program

Efficiency Vermont wants you to install more Heat Pump Water Heaters - or start installing them if you aren't already.

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04  September 2019
Great Savings on Rheem Water Heaters in September!

Get $100-$500 off select Rheem Water Heaters through September at Blodgett Supply.

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24  July 2019
Uponor Engineered Polymer Plumbing

Designed to outperform metal plumbing alternatives, Uponorís engineered polymer (EP) is a high-performance, thermoplastic material that has superior mechanical, chemical and thermal properties which provide dimensional stability in demanding applications, including areas of high stress, heat and moisture.

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