Does Your Water Taste Good?

Blodgett water taste testAlthough water is commonly described as having "no" taste, in reality water delivered by most municipal and private systems does indeed have a taste. You may only be able to discern that taste by comparing your home water to bottled, or filtered water. Blodgett Supply makes that easy with a Taste Test at the Blodgett Water Bar. And we think you'll be surprised!

Although you may not be able to taste impurities in water such as lead, or acidity, other chemicals have a clear, sometimes overpowering taste. Chlorine, or the newer chemical additive chloramine, have a well known taste. Personal taste results in various water systems suggest that the chlorine taste does vary from system to system. And, personal results suggest that "you get used to" the taste in your municipal or private system. Even that sulphurous smell found in some water systems.

While you can try a personal taste test at home, using bottled water and comparing it with your tap water, a filter system for your home is much more cost efficient. Thus, you're invited to take the Taste Test at Blodgett Supply.

We invite you to do this just as you would tasting a fine wine. Put our filtered water in one glass, and plain tap water in another glass. First observe the water, and see if you see any differneces. Although water with chloramines added (our local water system) has a greenish tint, you probably will not see that without a larger quantity than one glasss.

Next, swirl the water around in each glass, and smell. We'll think that's where you'll really see a difference. Our water supplier is a good one, providing us with quality, clean...and chloramine treated water, which clearly smells like chlorine. Our Everpure filter removes that smell!

And finally, the taste. Remember what pure water used to taste like?

Take the Free Taste test Tuesday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm, or Saturday 9am-12 noon at the Blodgett Bath Showplace, 100 Ave D in Williston, VT.

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