Clean Water and Your Health

Clearly, water that is clean and free of contaminants is critical to our health.  Water borne contaminants and pollutants are at an all time high, and the burden on our municipal water systems has never been higher.  Water, and water quality is a very complex issue.  For a comprhensive list of all possible conditions that can affect water quality, check the Everpure website.  Despite the stringent efforts of municipal and private water systems to protect our health, the EPA finds dozens of major and minor water quality violations every year.

Controversy also exists about some methods of water treatment utilized by water systems.   In fact,  the high quality water system that serves our Williston headquarters started using monochloromines for secondary treatment in 2006.  Some sources claim that chloramines can act as a corrosive agent in transmission systems, which can lead to higher levels of lead in water delivered to consumers.  In addition, chloramines should be removed from water being used in aquariums and for certain animals.

People with autoimmune diseases should pay special attention to water quality. Those include patients undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplants, persons with HIV, some elderly and infants.  Water districts are required to notify customers of this, as in this notice by our local water district.

Blodgett personnel can assist you in picking out an Everpure filtration system that fits your needs.  To be noted is that the largest selling Everpure filter does, in fact, remove chloramines.

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