Water Conservation & Treatment

As leaders in energy and resource conservation, Blodgett Supply wants you to enjoy better tasting water, and use less of it!  We invite you to take the Water Taste Test at our Williston Bath Showplace, and we think you’ll be convinced that having a home filtration system will improve the taste of your water, and save you hundreds of dollars if you’re currently buying bottled water.  Our systems can even provide you with filtered, sparkling water right out of the tap!  All Blodgett locations sell this product, but it’s only shown in Williston.

The quality of your water is extremely important to your health, especially if you’re concerned about chemicals used to treat water, or if you have an autoimmune disease.

Of course, if you’re a user of bottled water, we’d love to educate you on why it’s important to keep those plastic bottles out of the landfill!

Using less water is equally important.  That’s why Blodgett Supply sells High Efficiency Toilets from Toto, which use 20% less water than standard low flush toilets, and they work just as well as the older models.