Cut your hot water heating costs in half with a heat pump water heater!

Rheem HB50 with Instant Rebate

When you or your contractor buy a Rheem Heat Pump Water Heater from Blodgett, your net price will reflect an instant rebate from Efficiency Vermont!

Heat Pump Water Heaters

A heat pump water heater from Blodgett Supply can cut the cost of your domestic hot water by 50%.  The Rheem HB50 extracts heat from the air around it, and uses that warmth to heat your hot water.  Although the HPWH is electric, studies show it operates at half the cost of a standard electric water heater.

Rheem introduced the first heat pump heater in 2009, and the HB50 is the third generation of hybrid (at the same time as some manufacturers are introducing their first generation!).  The Rheem HB50 has an energy rating of 2.45, best in class.  This means the HB50 will operate under ideal conditions at about 60 cents a day, producing savings of about $370 a year!  Those savings are calculated at 12 cents a kwh; since Vermont utility rates are typically closer to 15 cents, your payback should be faster.

The Rheem HB50 has the most powerful compressor in its class, and a wider ambient operating temperature than its competitors.  This simply means that the Rheem will work better, and more efficiently in our northern climate.  And environmentalists will love the fact that the HB50 uses R410 refrigerant, much more environmentally friendly than referigerants used in other hybrids.

The Rheem HB50 also has a sophisticated, but easy to use LCD control panel, putting you completely in control of how your heater works, and enabling you to connect to whole house control systems at any time in the future.

There's a reason that plumbing professionals have long relied upon Rheem for innovation and quality, and it's reflected in the Rheem HB50.

Please note that the HB50 has specific installation criteria.  It requiares approximately 78" of height clearance; for optimal operation it needs acess to ambient air, so a 1,000 cubic foot space is suggested.  For smaller spaces louvers in doors will be required.  An ideal place to install the HB50 is in a warm boiler room.  Note that while it operates, the HB50 will air condition and dehumidify the space where it's located.

For specs on the HB50, click here.

And NOW, for the really good news!  For a limited time, you can buy the HB50 for about the same price as a standard electric water heater, thanks to a rebate from our partners at Efficiency Vermont.  The price your contractor quotes you will be the net lower price, or if you choose to buy your tank directly from Blodgett, we'll apply the rebate to your purchase price.  The installation must be in Vermont, either new construction, or replacing a tank heated with anything other than natural gas.  Your new energy saver should pay for itself in three years, possibly less!