Heat Pump Heating/Cooling

Energy efficient heat pumps for heating and coolingWith a heat pump solution to heat or cool your home, you can “cut your heating [or cooling] bills in half compared to oil, propane or electric baseboard.”

That’s a quote from a Vermont State Senator who’s advocating heat pump use in Vermont! Heat pumps from Blodgett Supply efficiently extract heat from outside air and use it to heat your home in the winter, or extract heat from inside your home and transfer it outside, to cool your home in summer.

You can choose a space heating application replacing your oil, propane or kerosene space heater, or you can choose a whole house installation. Either way, you can reap huge savings and reduce your use of fossil fuel! Or, you can choose a cool-only installation.

An official from Efficiency Vermont, which also advocates heat pumps, cautions consumers that “some work much better in Vermont than others.  Not all heat pumps are created equal when it comes to cold climate performance.” Fujitsus are among the best performing cold climate heat pumps on the market, and work efficiently at temperatures as low as -15 degrees!  In addition, Fujitsu heat pumps are quieter and smaller than other brands.

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