Cleaner Living is Healthier Living

Builders, architects and engineers know something you should know:  a modern home is so well insulated that humidity and pollutants are trapped indoors, posing a threat to the health of you and your home.  With a modern central ventilation and filtration system you can breathe fresh air inside your home, just as if you were outside.  Pollutants and humidity are exhausted outside your home, protecting your family’s health.

One problem, of course, is to retain the heat (and cool) inside your home while exhausting the unwanted pollutants.  Venmar air exchangers are renowned for efficiently minimizing your heat or cooling loss, while bringing fresh air into the house.  HRV (Heat Recovery) and ERV (Energy Recovery) units accomplish this without mixing stale air from inside the home, and incoming fresh air.

Commercial properties have a variety of similar problems that can be resolved from within the wide range of Venmar products.  Blodgett Supply will work with your contractor to make sure the right product is specified for your application.  If you’d like to be connected to a qualified contractor, click here for more information.