Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systemsBlodgett Supply has been a leader in providing residential and commercial solar systems in New England since 1975. We’ve sold thousands of systems, many of which are still operating now, after twenty to thirty years in the field. Many of our customers have claimed thousands in actual cash savings since they installed their systems. As oil and gas prices climb, these customers are still generating free hot water! 

Tax incentives at both the federal and state levels, combined with the high cost of fossil fuels, have reduced the payback for a domestic solar system to fewer than five years. Consult your tax advisor for the latest tax incentives, since they are subject to change.

Tax incentives for commercial installations can approach as much as 75% of the total project cost, and are decided on a project by project basis.  Whether it’s a domestic or a commercial system, Blodgett can help you maximize your government incentives.

The premium Viessmann solar evacuated tube system we carry is up to 30% more efficient than other panels on the market.