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12  April 2018
HTP Superstor Warranty Changes

Beginning April 1st, HTP is requiring that the contractor, plumber or homeowner call their Tech Support Line to start a ticket in the HTP system before replacing any HTP whole units.

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09  April 2018
Sterling Water Treatment Classes in Newport

Come up to our Newport Blodgett branch on April 19th for one of our Sterling Water Treatment classes! Learn about Sterling Water products, why water softeners are needed, water testing, and water filter installation.

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05  April 2018
Introducing the Rheem Triton: The Smart Choice in Ultra High Efficiency Commercial Gas Water Heaters

Rheem® has announced the official launch of its new ultra-high efficiency commercial gas water heater. Triton™ is the result of collaboration between Rheem Engineering and plumbing professionals along with extensive investment in product and market research. This formula produced a smart product that will revolutionize the commercial water heating market.

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28  March 2018
Product Spotlight: Biasi Kappa Gas Boiler

The Biasi Kappa is a wet leg cold-start, atmospheric gas boiler with a unique and high quality GG20 Cast Iron heat exchanger. The boiler is encased in thick layer of insulation to reduce heat loss, noise and running costs. These features enable Kappa to supply heat quickly to the heating zones and hot water tank, resulting in reduced fuel usage.

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