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11  April 2019
New Product Spotlight: RGLX Mini-Split Medium Static Ducted Units

Fujitsu is excited to announce the launch of the newest addition to their single-zone mini-split lineup. The RGLX medium static ducted units offer static pressures up to 0.80 in WC (199 Pa) which is enough to sufficiently distribute air through a building with a properly sized conventional ductwork system. Units are available in seven sizes ranging from 12,000 to 48,000 BTU/h, with efficiency ratings up to 21.3 SEER.

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03  April 2019
Napoleon HVAC Tech Training Events

This training course will cover the major points of installing the Napoleon furnace in a classroom setting following experiential learning methods. The intent of this training is to present to the participant how to follow the installation requirements, as set out in the Napoleon Installation manual, to provide the best possible experience for the end user and contractor alike. Participants will learn from demonstrations, large group discussion, small group discussion, lectures and testing on how to install the Napoleon Furnace.

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28  March 2019
AquaMotion Single & 3-Speed Circulators with Patented Flushable Cartridge and Variable Speed ECM Smart Circulators

High-Efficiency Without the High Price Designed and built in Warwick RI, USA • 33%-54% more efficient PSC motor pumps • Most energy efficient, lowest operating cost • Half to a third the price of ECM pumps • Lowest total cost of ownership

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22  March 2019
Hybrid Heat Pump & Tankless Training & Product Overview from Rheem & Efficiency Vermont

Rheem & Efficiency Vermont offer training: Hybrid Heat Pump & Tankless Training & Product Overview on Wednesday, April 24th from 8-10am.

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