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10  June 2019
Now Available at Blodgett Supply in Williston: Watts Grease Interceptors

Now Available in Williston: Watts Grease Interceptors

Watts Grease Interceptors

Watts grease interceptors remove fats, oils, and grease from waste water, preventing the substances from entering plumbing systems, septic fields, and wastewater treatment facilities. 

Now available at Blodgett Supply in Williston: The Series WD PDI Certified recessed or floor mounted epoxy coated steel grease interceptor with gasketed epoxy coated steel skid-proof cover, secured with hex head center bolt(s), removable baffle assembly, deep seal trap with cleanout, external cast iron flow control fitting, and no hub (standard) connections.


  • Gasketed skid-proof cover helps ensure a secure seal

  • Acid-resistant epoxy coated steel for smooth finish and long life

  • Removable baffle assembly and deep seat trap with cleanout ensure easy maintenance

  • External cast iron flow control fitting and no hub (standard) connections for easy installation

Models in stock: WD-25, WD-35, WD-50


Contact your sales rep or branch manager to order!

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