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Hajoca Virtual Vendor Event • Exclusive Contractor Promotions Available!

06  June 2019
Hajoca Virtual Vendor Event

Hajoca Virtual Vendor Event • Happening Now!
Exclusive Contractor Promotions Available!

Hajoca Virtual Vendor Event

You are invited to review our virtual trade show without leaving your home or office and yet get the benefits you might enjoy as if you’d spent hours on your feet going from booth to booth talking to the manufacturer representatives of these high-profile vendors. 

Visit to get started! Click on a product line, check out their presentation, and at the end of each one, you’ll not only have gotten an education on one or more of their products, you’ll enjoy a special opportunity to earn a reward or discount. All you then need to do is grab that Promo Code or Coupon at the end of each video and contact your Blodgett salesperson or branch manager! 

We are proud to present you with this opportunity to take a tour of our Northeast Division’s Top 15 Vendors, whose businesses are right here with educational opportunities and special promotions for our customers.

Visit the Virtual Vendor Event and start saving today!

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