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Napoleon High Efficiency Air Conditioners

03  June 2019
Napoleon High Efficiency Air Conditioners

Napoleon High Efficiency Air Conditioners

Napoleon Air Conditioners

Blodgett offers Napoleon's 14 SEER & 16 SEER air conditioners, made with superior eco-friendly technology and design. Napoleon central air conditioners meet all industry refrigerant standards. Each unit is backed with a 10 Year Limited Compressor warranty and 10 Year Parts warranty, to guarantee home comfort and satisfaction for years to come.

Napoleon Air Conditioner Swept Fan Blade TechnologySwept Fan Blade Technology

Napoleon air conditioners are made with modern fan blade technology. The unique swept shape of the blades make Napoleon air conditioners quiet as they efficiently provide increased air flow. With quality and longevity in mind, Napoleon's swept fan blades are made with aluminum or pleated steel hub and embossed structural steel blades for long lasting durability.

Filter Drier

Napoleon air conditioners are built to include the highest quality filter drier in the industry. A filter drier is an extremely beneficial component to your system. Working to remove unwanted acids, dirt, particle debris and other contaminants from the refrigerant, the filter drier extends the life of your air conditioning system.

Napoleon’s central air conditioners use Emerson EK filter driers which are measurably superior to any other filter on the market. Rest assured knowing your air conditioner is built to meet Napoleon’s highest quality standards.

Installation & Maintenance

Napoleon air conditioners feature a permanently lubricated PSC - Permanent Split Capacitor - motor that achieves prompt start up without excessive noise levels. To ensure fast and easy serviceability, the motor assembly is removable from the top of the unit.

Service valves and refrigerant connections are located outside the cabinet for easy accessibility and electrical connections are accessible through a removable service panel.

Environmentally Responsible

Napoleon air conditioners are made with the environmentally conscious, chlorine-free refrigerant R-410A. By using a refrigerant that is chlorine-free, Napoleon air conditioners do not contribute to ozone depletion and offer higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings. In addition, R-410A refrigerant reduces power consumption and increases the durability of the compressor, extending the life of the air conditioner.

Advanced Micro-Channel Coil Technology

Napoleon Air Conditioners are made with superior micro-channel condenser coils, which are compact, allowing for a smaller air conditioner size while using substantially less refrigerant. Napoleon micro-channel condenser coils are all aluminum, easy to maintain and will last longer than those made with copper.

Contact your Blodgett sales rep or branch manager for more information and to order!

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