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NTI GF 200 Combi Gas Water Heater/Furnace

18  January 2019
NTI GF 200 Combi Gas Water Heater/Furnace

NTI GF 200 Combi Furnace

The GF 200 is a cross-breed merging of best practices from hydronics, tankless water heating and forced air heating, offering the world’s most efficient Combi-Furnace.

NTI's Green Furnace Technology software delivers optimum comfort and maximum efficiency by minimizing cycling with 10 stages of modulation to provide ultra smooth heat output in all conditions. Reduced temperature swings compared to conventional furnaces provides improved comfort and reduced fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

NTI GF 200 Green Furnace Technology

Here's why the GF 200 is the installer's choice:

  • Industry's Best Combi-Furnace: 97.1% AFUE
  • With Full Modulation, 'One size fits all'
  • 5 GPM @ 80ºF Temperature Rise
  • Low NOx Emissions • NSF Low Lead Certified
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers for Extended Life & Durability
  • Internal Recirculation & Buffer Tank: eliminates cold water sandwich • no minimum flow rate required
  • Simple Installation & Small Footprint: Venting 2" (60') • 3" (150') • Field convertible to LP Gas

Innovative Technology & Outstanding Performance

  • Simultaneous DHW & Heating up to 170 MBH (85% burner capacity); Automatic DHW priority above 170 MBH
  • DEC Star ECM Blower automatically adjusts to overcome static pressure to maintain CFM. Shaftless blower system reduces air flow restrictions and improves efficiency.
  • Negative pressure gas valve with pre-mix burner provides full modulation from 20-200 MBH

NTI GF 200 quick connections and condensing dual heat exchanger

For more information, download the brochure or visit NTI's website

Contact your Blodgett sales rep or branch manager to order the NTI GF 200 Combi-Furnace today!

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