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New Fujitsu RGLX Series Large Cassettes

29  August 2018
New Fujitsu RGLX Series Large Cassettes

Fujitsu RGLX Series Large Cassettes

Fujitsu has announced the release of the newest Halcyon model large cassettes, the RGLX Series. The RGLX Series comes with a full set of great features:

  • Circular Flow – allows for more even air distribution
  • Individual Louver Control – each louver can be set individually to customize airflow
  • Up to 21.4 SEER – completely redesigned system achieves higher SEER than previous models
  • Quiet Operation – indoor noise levels as quiet as 28 decibels on Quiet Model

NOTE: RGLX Series Large Cassettes will replace the RCLX Series Large Cassettes in the Halcyon lineup. RCLX inventory will be available while supplies last.

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