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Warranty Changes for HTP Superstor

12  April 2018
HTP Superstor Warranty Changes

HTP logoBeginning April 1st, HTP is requiring that the contractor, plumber or homeowner call their Tech Support Line to start a ticket in the HTP system before replacing any HTP whole units.

HTP must provide prior approval (TICKET #) on any warranty claim for a finished good before it is removed. HTP approval can only be granted through either a ticket from a call with Technical Support or via the HTP Warranty Wizard. The Technical Support Team can be contacted via phone at 508-763-8071 or 800-323-9651.

The following will be needed to process a warranty:

  1. Provide Proof of Purchase - per HTP Effective April 1st, not providing paperwork and pictures will mean no warranty credit will be provided.
  2. Provide the model and serial # of the failed unit & a picture of the serial #.
  3. Upload the required pictures. 

For the pictures requested this is the REQUIRED photo list:

  • The serial number tag from the side of the product (failed unit)
  • The installation from the failed unit (back a few steps from the product to show piping)
  • The failure of the unit (if there is a visible problem) or a picture or video of the failed part
  • The venting (inside and outside for gas appliances only)

IMPORTANT: Please do not dispose/scrap whole units until Emerson Swan receives the approval from HTP and tells you it is ok to do so.

Questions? Contact your Blodgett Salesperson or Branch Manager for help!

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