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SkillTech: HVACR Program at The Center for Technology, Essex

30  January 2018
SkillTech: HVACR Program at The Center for Technology, Essex

SkillTech HVACR programThe Center for Technology, Essex's SkillTech: (HVACR) Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Program provides students with the opportunity to learn the theory and skills necessary to begin a HVACR career and/or continue to post secondary training. Students will master a variety of entry-level HVACR skills as they relate to residential and commercial settings. Students will participate in a variety of lab activities to reinforce the attainment of technical skills.

Program standards are aligned with both industry standards and local service company needs. All students are required to pass a safety test and wear protective clothing and gear appropriate for the HVACR field. All courses ar taught by experienced professionals in the field. 

 The total program is 168 hours and is divided into four separate courses. Courses and content:

  • Tools and Applications: Tools, fasteners, tubing, copper, and soldering/brazing.
  • Cooling and Refrigeration: Thermodynamic principles, the relationship of temperature and pressure, system components, refrigerants, service procedures (recovery/recycling, evacuation, leak detection, charging), metering devices, troubleshooting, compressors, Compressor service, and chillers. Students will be able to test for the Act 608 Refrigerant Handling Certification.
  • Electricity and Motor Controls: Electrical principles, motors, electrical control devices, and defrost cycles.
  • Heating Systems: Ductwork, customer relations, heat pumps, and the following heating systems: gas, oil, and electric. 

The courses in the program are ideal for students who are motivated to enter the HVACR field and/or continue to post secondary training with Vermont Technical College. Successful program completers will have employment or internship opportunities available to them provided by our local partners.

Classes begin in September 2018 and registration is on a first come, first served basis.

Visit The Center for Technology, Essex's website for more information


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