Planning a Shower

The following Blodgett Bath Showplace checklist includes things to consider when planning the shower component of a new or remodeled bathroom.

  1. Is the shower to be a stand-alone, or part of a tub-shower combination?
  2. If a remodel, bring us a drawing showing measurements of existing fixture locations.
  3. Are there space constraints, limitations, or opportunities?
  4. Is a shower of high, medium, or low importance to you?
  5. Which term reflects the type of products you usually buy:   “One-of-a-kind”, “Luxury”, “High Quality”, “Medium Quality”, “Low Quality”, or “Budget”?
  6. Are you concerned about re-sale of your home?
  7. Are there budget constraints?  Is this a master bath, or guest bath?
  8. Are you a “quick, functional shower-taker”, or is the shower an important part of your wake-up, or relaxation routine?
  9. Have you investigated steam in your shower?
  10. If a stand-alone, how many people will shower at the same time?
  11. What is the source of your water supply, and do you have adequate pressure?
  12. Will children as well as adults use the shower?
  13. Will people with physical challenges use the shower?

With some understanding of these issues, you’re ready to move to the product selection phase.  We recommend looking through magazines and specialty publications, using our website links, and visiting new homes to get ideas.  Once you’ve reached this point, it’s time to make an appointment to meet with a Blodgett Bath Showplace consultant. 

Your Blodgett consultant will combine your answers to our checklist, the ideas you’ve gathered, (and some technical plumbing considerations) in order to show you some recommendations. 

Typically the things to be resolved for a free standing shower are:  type of surround, type of shower door or curtain, fixed or movable (handheld) shower head—or both, and how many auxiliary water devices desired (e.g. rain head, body sprays, and secondary heads).  Your job during this process is merely to imagine how wonderful and relaxing your new shower will be, while the Blodgett consultant takes care of the technical details inherent in planning and executing a building project.  This is a process, which we hope to simplify for you.