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Q:Can I install hardwood floors over radiant heat?

Absolutely yes!  Many sources will recommend engineered hardwood floors as the preferred type of hardwood system.  Standard hardwood will work, however, and work well…although the wood companies will recommend specific types of hardwood that will perform best.  The president of our company just installed hardwood over radiant in his house, and he reports there is nothing better than bare feet on a radiant/hardwood floor!

Q:What should I know before I come in to buy a replacement toilet?

We do sell toilets at all our locations, primarily Toto and American Standard.  Toto is best known for water conservation, and the fact that these toilets rarely clog or require two flushes.  Before you come in, take note if your existing toilet is round, or oval shaped, which we call “elongated”.  Note the color and brand of your existing toilet so we can match the color to your other existing fixtures.  In fact, you will probably find the model number of your existing toilet under the tank top.  Finally, carefully measure the distance from the wall behind your toilet to the middle of the mounting bolts:  most of the time we expect that distance to be 12”, although you may find a 10” or 14”…but we need to know that dimension.  When you arrive at our location, we will ask you about what height toilet you would prefer.  It is common for us today to sell a “comfort height”, a bit higher than standard, and easier on our aging knees.

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